How do I sign up to be covered by this policy?

There is no enrollment process necessary to be covered. Coverage is automatically provided to employees of North Carolina Public Schools, North Carolina Charter Schools and the Department of Public Instruction in accordance with The North Carolina General Assembly’s Appropriations Act.

How much will this policy cost me on an annual basis?

The North Carolina General Assembly’s Appropriations Act has funded the annual premium or cost of this policy. There are no additional costs to North Carolina Public School, Charter School or Department of Public Instruction Personnel. 

What are my limits of liability?

$1,000,000 per insured per occurrence with a $1,000,000 aggregate per insured. Please refer to www.professionalliabilitync.com/what  for applicable sublimits.

Does this policy provide coverage for consultation with an education law attorney if I believe my professional or employment related rights have been violated?

Yes, $2,500 per Insured claim with a $10,000 aggregate per Insured per policy.

Is there coverage if I am alleged to have committed a Criminal Act while acting within the course and scope of my Professional Activities?

Yes, $50,000 per Insured per Criminal Proceeding with a $50,000 aggregate per Insured. In order for coverage to trigger under Section E Criminal Acts, as an Insured, you must 1.) plead not guilty to any charge or reduced or sustituted charge. 2.) You must be found not guilty of all criminal charges. 3.) the criminal charges are dismissed with prejudice. 

Are non-certified educational personnel covered by the policy? (i.e. school nurse, school resource officer, volunteers)

Yes, non-certified educational personnel are covered by the policy. Volunteers are covered while acting at the direction of the Educational Institution subject to a sublimit of $100,000 aggregate per volunteer worker.

Should I file a claim prior to seeking legal assistance?

The insurance company does not need to assign counsel for Attorney Reimbursement Coverage to apply you may seek legal counsel prior to filing a claim since this is a reimbursement coverage.

For Professional Liability claims the insurance company has approved counsel located throughout the state of North Carolina that specialize in education law and a claim needs to be filed with the carrier prior to seeking legal assistance.

How do I file a claim?

You may file a claim online at www.professionalliabilitync.com/claims/  You may also call in a claim at 919-781-0200.  

*Please be advised the Frequently Asked Questions above are meant to provide a summary of coverage and are not intended to represent or substitute for policy conditions. The policy alone determines the scope of the coverage provided.

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